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Please join us for our wedding celebration on October 21, 2017

The Proposal

August 5, 2016
Montgomery, Alabama

She thought she was surprising him with a birthday party. He was one step ahead.

The Logistics:
Marissa had been planning a surprise birthday party for Kevin. She had even enlisted family and friends to help out with preparations. When clever Kevin learned of Marissa's plan, he knew this was his chance to give her the surprise of her life. Kevin turned the tables and all family and friends were now gathered and ready for an engament celebration!

The Proposal:
Marissa was under the impression that Kevin thought they were going over to their friend's house for the evening.
At Kevin's request, they took a detour through a pretty neighborhood to dream about houses together. Suddenly, by a pretty lake on a hot summer day, he asked and she said YES!

Time for The Party:
They arrived at their friend's house for what Marissa still thought was a surprise birthday party for Kevin. The newly engaged couple walked in quietly, trying not to spoil the surprise for each other. Finally, everyone erupted in laughter and cheer, and what once was a birthday party became a celebration of love.